Under 16 Championship 2012

Girls Under 16 Fixtures

Management: Anthony Loughman and Noel Moran

Division 2B

Round 1

Moorefield 2-7 vs. Na Fianna 9-8

10th March

As per result Na Fianna were the better side in today’s match, 10th March Saturday.

Na Fianna were first out of the starting blocks by scoring 4-07 by half time…..  with  Moorefield replying 0-2.

Moorefield stepped up their game in the second half but could not score enough goals when on top in the first period of the second half, hitting the cross bar number of times.  Good defending and goalkeeping from Na Fianna.Then Na Fianna came back strongly with scoring goals to finished the game out.

Moorefield scorers:- Aisling Moran 2-0, Emma Curly 0-2 , Shauna Doyle 0-2, Ashling Murray 0-2 and Sarah Regan 0-1.

Round 2

Confey 2-07 vs. Moorefield 3-08

31st March

Half Time 1-03  v   1-06

Great team performance from Moorefield from the very start of this game to give them the lead going into the second half. Confey came back strongly in the second half to narrow the gap to one point but Moorefield made sure of the victory with a later goal to finish the game with four point lead.

Moorefield scores: Laura Donovan 0-1, Rachel McNamara 0-1, Sinead Kinsella 2-4, Shauna Doyle 0-1, Kate Hannon 1-0, Aisling Murray 0-1.


Round 3

Moorefield 4-0 vs. Naas 1-16

14th April

Half Time 2-0  v   1-08

Naas went into the lead with one point before Shauna Doyle scored from the penalty spot. Moorefield followed this up quickly with another goal from Sinead Kinsella to go ahead by five points after 15mins of play. Naas came into the game by scoring number of points which was followed up with a goal before half time. Moorefield created a number of scoring chances through good team passing and movement play but could not convert onto the score board in the first half.

Moorefield started the second half strongly and missed a number of opportunities before Naas came back into the game with scoring points.

Moorefield keep playing and struck the goalpost twice before adding two goals through Aisling Murray and Kate Hannon.

Naas stayed ahead in the game by adding eight points to their tally in the second half, to see the game out.

Moorefield scorers: Shauna Doyle 1-0, Sinead Kinsella 1-0, Aisling Murray 1-0 and Kate Hannon 1-0

Any highlights/turning points in the game: Naas worked tireless in defence to keep out Moorefield and Naas were more clinical in front of goals by taking their points with every opportunity.

Shield Semi Final

Moorefield 3-2 vs. Kill 2-6

21st April

The mixed weather of sunshine and hail stones showers were reflected by Moorefield play, taking the lead with a goal before Kill replied with a goal in return before half time.

Moorefield played with the wind in the first half but could not build up a significant lead over Kill going into the second half.

During the first half of the game, both set of players had to take sheltered due to a heavy shower of hail stones.

The second half saw Kill scoring to go ahead of Moorefield by two points. Moorefield struck back with a goal to put them ahead with 5 minutes to go, but to Kill credit they keep playing and their play was awarded with a goal with minutes left in the game to go ahead by a one point lead.

Moorefield girls tried to get back into the game but their efforts were all in vain as Kill held their one point lead to see themselves into the final of the shield.

Moorefield scorers: Shauna Doyle 2-1, Sinead Kinsella 0-1, Rachel McNamara 1-0

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