Junior Results League 2011

League 2011

Week 1Moorefield vs. BallykellyTuesday 5th April
Week 2Na Fiannavs.MoorefieldTuesday 19th April
Week 3Moorefield 3-9vs. Athgarvan 2-8Tuesday 26th April
Week 4Moorefield 2-5 vs.Kilcock 3-10Tuesday 3rd May
Week 5Kicullen 4-15 vs.Moorefield 1-10Tuesday 10th May
Week 6Ballykelly 3-9vs.Moorefield 3-10Tuesday 28th June
Week 7Moorefield vs. Na. FiannaPoints awarded to Na Fianna
Week 8Athgarvan 1-9vs.Moorefield 0-7Tuesday 31st May
Week 9Kilcock vs.Moorefield Sunday 21st June
Week 10Moorefield 4-11vs.Kilcullen 4-6Tuesday 5th July


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