Under-15 Semi Finalists 2021


16th October


TwoMileHouse (Winners)  v Moorefield

Hard luck to the team and management.

Round Date Home Score Away Score
2nd Sept 2021 Twomilehouse V Ballymore
Moorefield 8-8 V Ellistown 3-7
Carbury V Bye
9th Sept 2021 Ellistown V Carbury
Moorefield 0-8 V Ballymore 3-3
Twomilehouse V Bye
16th Sept 2021 Moorefield 2-7 V Twomilehouse 6-10
Carbury V Ballymore
Ellistown V Bye
25th Sept 2021 Ballymore V Ellistown
Carbury V Twomilehouse
Moorefield V Bye
2nd Oct 2021 Carbury 3-8 V Moorefield 1-7
Ellistown V Twomilehouse
Ballymore V Bye
Semi-final 16th October 2021
1 v 4
2 v 3
Final 25 October 2021


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