Under-13 2022


Round Round  Date Date Played Home Away
Clane V Athy
1 31st March 2022 Thursday Sallins V Eadestown
7pm Kill V Kildangan/Nurney
Sarsfields V Moorefield
Athy V Sallins
2 7th April 2022 Thursday Eadestown V Kill
7pm Kildangan/Nurney V Sarsfields
Moorefield V Clane
Sallins V Kildangan/Nurney
3 28th April 2022 Thursday Kill V Moorefield
7pm Sarsfields V Athy
Clane V Eadestown
Athy V Kill
4 5th May 2022 Thursday Eadestown V Sarsfields
7pm Kildangan/Nurney V Clane
Moorefield V Sallins
Eadestown V Athy
5 12th May 2022 Thursday Kildangan/Nurney V Moorefield
7pm Clane V Sallins
Kill V Sarsfields
Sallins V Kill
6 26th May 2022 Thursday Sarsfields V Clane
7pm Athy V Kildangan/Nurney
Moorefield V Eadestown
Eadestown V Kildangan/Nurney
7 7nd June 2022 Thursday Kill V Clane
7pm Sarsfields V Sallins
Athy V Moorefield
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