Senior Championship 2019

Round Date Home Score Away Score
Week 1 14/5/2019 Balyna v Leixlip
Eadestown v Suncroft
Sarsfields v Confey
Moorefield v St Laurences Winners
Week 2 21/5/19 Eadestown v St Laurences
Suncroft v Leixlip
Confey v Balyna
Moorefield 1-6 v Sarsfields 1-9
Week 3 18/6/19 Sarsfields v Suncroft
Eadestown v Confey
St Laurences v Balyna
Leixlip 3-14 v Moorefield 1-5
Week 4 22/6/19 St Laurences v Confey
Balyna v Eadestown
Leixlip v Sarsfields
20/ 8/ 2019 Suncroft v Moorefield
Week 5 02/07/2019 Balyna v Suncroft
St Laurences v Sarsfields
Leixlip v Eadestown
Confey Winners v Moorefield
Week 6 06/07/2019 Confey v Suncroft
Leixlip v St Laurences
Sarsfields v Eadestown
Moorefield Winners v Balyna
Week 7 10/08/2019 Sarsfields v Balyna
Suncroft v St Laurences
Confey v Leixlip
Changed to 13/10/ 2019 Eadestown Winners v Moorefield
Semi Finals 24th Aug 2019
Final 31st Aug 2019


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