Kildare 2018


Kirsty, Aisling and Holly

Well done to Kirsty Horgan, Aisling Corrigan, Holly McGrath who have been selected for the Kildare Under-13 Development Panel.

Under-16 Kim Morrissey

Best of luck to Kim Morrissey and the Kildare Under-16 team and management in the All-Ireland Semi-Final on 4th July.
Kildare vs Kerry
Venue: Sean Tracey Park, Tipperary, 7.30pm

Congratulations to Kim Morrissey and the Kildare Under-16 Football team and management who won the Leinster Final on 20th May! Kildare 2-17 Dublin 2-10

Under-14 Phoebe Landy

Please support Moorefield’s Phoebe Landy and the Kildare Under-14 Ladies Football Team fundraiser on 16th March. Tickets €10 


Phoebe Landy

Congratulations to Moorefield’s Phoebe Landy who has made the Kildare Under-14 Ladies Panel for 2018. 

Well done to Niamh Doran and Ciara Regan who have both made the Kildare Minor Ladies Panel and to Kim Morrissey who has made the Kidare u16 Ladies Panel. 

Ciara and Niamh

Congratulations to Ciara, Niamh and the Kildare Minor team who won the Leinster B Final on Sunday 29th April. 

30th June

Well done to Niamh Doran, Ciara Regan and the Kildare Minor Ladies team and management on their Minor B All- Ireland Semi- Final victory. Kildare 0-18 Waterford 2-11

Niamh’s Profile

Q. The person most likely to score the winning point in a game?
A. Neasa Dooley

Q. Favourite female player?
A. Niamh Doyle (Moorefield).

Q. What Motivates you?
A. Proving people who doubt me Wrong.

Q. Toughest opponet?
A. Leah Hayes.

Q. Best dressed on the panel?
A. Emma Doolan- with her Crocs.

Q. Favourite Song/Band?
A. Post Malone, White Inversion

Q. Best ever performance?
A. u16 final with St Brigids in 2014

Q. Who is the quietest/ loudest on panel?
A. Quietest would be Lara Curran. Loudest would be Joanne Deay.

Q. Have you any odd items in your gear bag?
A. Odd socks.

Q. Have you any pre match rituals?
A. Listening to music.

Q. Who is the biggest joker on the panel?
A. Nanci Murphy.

Q. Whats the best/ worst pitch youve played on?
A. Abbotstown Campus, Suncrofts back pitch was the worst.

Q. Who has the best or worst diet on the team?
A.Worst Diet well thats easy its Cliodhna Malone… All she eats is rice.

Q. Favourite TV Show?
A. Greys Anatomy

Well done to Aisling and Michelle Curley who have made the Kildare Senior Ladies team …..Best of luck everyone! #Moores2018

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