Senior League Division 1 2018

Division 1 

Round 1

27/3/2018 ( Re fixture 1st May)

Confey v Leixlip
Moorefield 1-7 v Eadestown 3-9

St Laurences v Balyna


Round 2


( Re fixture 17th April)

Balyna v Eadestown
Moorefield 0-4 v Leixlip 2-15 
St Laurences v Confey


Round 3


Balyna 1-3 v Moorefield 4-9
Leixlip v St Laurences
Eadestown v Confey


Round 4


Confey 6-13 v Moorefield 4-6
Leixlip v Balyna
Eadestown v St Laurences


Round 5


Balyna v Confey
Eadestown (Won by 7 Points) v Leixlip
St Laurences v Moorefield


Semi- Finals







Rd 1 June 19th
Rd 2 June 26th    (if Kildare qualify for the Leinster Intermediate Final on the 1st of July the optional dates will change to Saturday Tuesday 3rd of July)
Rd 3 10th July
Rd 4 17th July
Rd 5 31st July
Rd 6 14th August   (Depending on which quarter final of the all-Ireland the county qualify for will depend on the dates they play their semi finals ,So if the county team are playing the 18th of August club play the 25th and vice versa. Also their is option 2 to play Tuesday 21st
depending on when the county semi is on.)
Rd 7 28th August
Semi- Final 4th September
Final 22nd September







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