Senior Division 5 League 2017

Hard luck to the Senior B team who lost to Naas in the Semi Final of the league.


Division 5
Round Date Home Score Away Score
Week 1 28/02/2017 Naas 2 v Clane 2
St Laurences 2 v Na Fianna 2
Balyna 2 v Moorefield 2  Not Played
Week 2 07/03/2017 Balyna 2 v Clane 2
Naas2 v St Laurences 2
 Playoff Moorefield 2  (Winners) v Na Fianna 2
Week 3 21/03/2017 Clane 2 v Na Fianna 2
Balyna 2 v Naas 2
St Laurences 2 v Moorefield 2  Not Played
Week 4 05/04/2017 Na Fianna 2 v Balyna 2
Clane 2 v St Laurences 2
Moorefield 2 v Naas 2  (Winners)
Week 5 11/04/2017 St Laurences 2 v Balyna 2
Na Fianna 2 v Naas 2
Clane 2  (Winners) v Moorefield 2



Semi Finals
A. 1st v 4th  Naas  vs  Moorefield
B. 2nd v 3rd
FINAL Tuesday 25th April


Competition rules for LGFA Kildare 2017 Senior League
Players Eligibility:
1.      The following is the eligible dates for which girls can play in the league.
3.      First named team at home – If the home teams pitch is not available the venue must be offered to the opposing team at least 24 hours in advance of the original fixture time.
4.      The Fixture date is a deadline! Games must be played on or before the ratified fixture date.
5.      Games can only be re-arranged on agreement from both clubs once the Fixtures Secretary is informed of decision and reason. Any/every request for postponement or rearrangement of a match must then be confirmed by email to the Fixtures Secretary by both clubs
6.      Both teams are jointly responsible for confirming fixtures to the Fixtures Secretary not less than 6 days in advance of official fixture date – so that referees can be appointed.
7.      All results must be sent to the Fixtures Secretary by text by both clubs within 2 hours of the end of the game.
8.      All teams must have a minimum of 11 players to start a game in order for that game to be legal under the LGFA Association rules. All games to start with equal numbers and be played with equal numbers of players, i.e. 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 aside, but not less than 11 a side. Every effort must be made to field 15 aside for semi-finals and finals. For semi finals & finals, you must notify the opposition & Fixtures Secretary) by phone call, if you will have less than 15 players (not less than 11) available to play not less than 24 hours before scheduled throw-in.
9.      Teams must start with the maximum number of players possible. (Both teams can’t play 12 a side and both have subs).
10.  Unlimited number of subs can be used in the group stages, semi finals & finals
11.  In the event of a team requiring a game to be postponed, it is their responsibility to ensure the game is played prior to the league finish date. Points will be awarded to the opposition should the game not be played. If there is any difficulty in rescheduling the fixture the Fixtures Secretary must be informed and can re-fix the game and the fixtures committee will have final decision where disagreements occur.
12.  3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.
13.  Referee will be appointed by the Fixtures Secretary. If this is not possible then the home team will arrange the referee from outside their club. Home team to pay the referee at the end of the game and the agreed fee is €30.
14.  A team that is responsible and fails to play TWO of the group fixtures CANNOT qualify for a play off position. The Fixtures Committee will have the final say on any un-played games.
15.  Where the away team travels to a match venue and for some reason outside their control the game is not played or deemed null and void, they will have home advantage should the match need to be re-fixed. The Fixtures Secretary will have final say in all match fixtures.
16.  Finals are the preserve of the Fixtures Committee/County Board. Finals dates, venues, referees, gates, publicity, cups & medals are the sole responsibility of the fixtures committee and are notified to all competing club at the start of competition. It is the responsibility of clubs to ensure they inform their players in good time so that they are available for the published dates.
17.  Extra time of 10 minutes per half will be played in the event of a draw in semi finals & finals.
18.  If a team withdraws from a competition all teams will receive zero points for games whether played and un-played against this team.
19.  In the event of a tie for league position between two or more teams:
– The head to head result(s) of their league games will be used to decide position.
– In the event of a draw in the head-to-head game(s), the number of individual scores in the head-to-head game(s) will decide who is higher (i.e. the team with the most individual scores will be deemed to be higher e.g. 1-3 = 4 scores, while 0-6 = 6 scores & 6 scores is deemed to be greater than 4 scores).
– Failing that, score difference (total points rather than individual scores) in all the group games will be used to separate the teams (i.e. the teams with the greater difference between the scores they recorded and the scores they conceded will be deemed higher).
– Toss of a coin
General Rules:
20.  A number 4 football to be used in all games.
21.  The duration of games is 30 minutes per half playing time for U15 on a full pitch with full adult sized goalposts, 4.5m (15ft) x 6.5m (21ft).
22.  The square ball rule applies in all competitions
23.  Girls competing in all competitions must be registered members of the association at County, Leinster and National level before they can participate in any competition organised by Kildare Ladies Football County Board.
24.  If a team plays an illegal player in a competition e.g. overage, member of another club, etc. the Team and Club will be expelled from the competition and this may lead to the club being suspended for six months.
25.  A team may field overage players provided. 1. They get agreement from the Fixtures Secretary prior to the game starting and 2. The points are awarded to the opposition.
Playing Rules – (brief summary of misunderstood ladies football rules)
26.  A player cannot kick the ball if an opposing player puts her hands down below her knees to lift the ball
27.  While play does not have to be stopped immediately a player is injured, it should be stopped if the injured player is in the way of play, in any danger and if the referee deems the injury to be serious.
28.  After play is stopped due to a player being injured, the team in possession retains that possession by way of a free on the restart which cannot be scored directly from.
29.  No shouldering or elbowing or foot blocking is allowed in ladies football
30.  A player may pick the ball off the ground when in a standing position only.
31.  Even on the ground a player may play the ball away with her hand and can score doing this.
32.  A player in possession can only be dispossessed while holding the ball away from their body.
33.  Any club who have two teams entered, once a player plays any part in a game with the higher ranked team they cannot play any further games in the lower championship.
34.  The referee’s decision is final, please respect it.
35.  45s may be taken from the ground or out of the hand. All kick outs following a wide ball must be taken from the 13m line and after a score from the 21m line.
36.  The Fixtures Committee decisions are final in all circumstances where there is disagreement between teams.
2nd Teams
37.  Where a club fields two teams in this league they MUST list their BEST 15 players  who can only play on the higher graded team, this list must be submitted to the County Board Secretary for approval at the county board meeting prior to the start of the competition.
38. Any player outside of the named 15 who start more than two games in the group stages CANNOT play any further games or part of games with the lower graded team in this competition.
39. Any player who takes part in all or part of any semi-final or final with the higher graded team CANNOT play any further games or part of games with the lower graded team in this competition.
Fixtures Secretary
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