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Published on June 29, 2014 with

U15 Provisional Gradings





Challenge Tuesday 26th August Moorefield 3-12 Sarsfields 0-1



Round 1

Moorefield 3-8 Milltown 4-6


Round 2

Robert Emmets 2-7 vs Moorefield 4-8

Report by Robert Emmets

Robert Emmetts played at home tonight against Moorefield. Both teams took a while to settle in to the game an Emmetts had a lot of scoring chances that they failed to take im the first 10 mins However this game took off with Moorefield getting 4 quick goals and Emmets getting some fine scores by Leah Mc Cormack and Leah Reilly to make the half time score 4 – 3 to 1 – 6 in favour of Moorefield. The second half saw plenty of defending with no score in the first 15 mins of play .However Moorefield once again took some good scores to maintain their lead . Emmetts only scores in the second half was a goal by Megan Anderson and another point by Leah Mc .
Final score Moorefield 4 8 to Emmetts 2 7 .
Jordanna Rooney , Kate Hannon , Ciara Reagan and Kathleen Reidy all played well for Moorefield . While Katie Hughes Vicky Dolly ,Nicole Gorey and Ellie Couch played well for Robert Emmetts.