Team Mates with Kathleen Reddy

Good luck to our Under 15 Girls team who play TwoMileHouse in the league Semi Final on Wednesday night. Throw in at 7.30pm in Moorefield.

Thanks to Kathleen Reddy who answered some questions about her team mates!

Who’s your childhood hero?
Katie Taylor

Who’s your best friend on the team?
It would have to be Jordana Rooney. I have known her since the age of four.

Who’s the tough nut of the team?
Judging by the bruises I come home with after training it would have to be Jordana.

Who’s the quickest?
Our team is very fast. I wouldn’t like to be in a race against Carrie Pedley, Rodica Brodethchi or Sarah Murray.

Who’s the Joker/Messer of the team?
You can recognise the laugh on Shannon Kelly from a mile away.

Who’s the most skillful?
Kate Hannon. She could run from one end of the pitch and score a goal no problem to her.

Who’s the most intelligent?
Ciara Regan is very clever with the ball on the pitch.

Who’s the best trainer?

I never fail to see Paulina Wnek at training week in and out.

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team?
I’m usually the one putting on my boots while everyone else is half way through the warm up.

Who is the best dancer?
Ever since I can remember, Amy Harte has been dancing in Leah Moran’s Stage School and I’d say she can bust a few moves on the dance floor.

Who’s the best player you have played with?
I don’t think there is an individual best player on our team. Our whole team works well together and we have different players that shine in different matches.

Who’s the best player you have played against?
One of the best players I have played against was Milltown’s Céire Boland. A black eye is hard to hide after a match.

Who’s the biggest whinger on the team?
After a fitness training with Tony we all turn into Moaning Michael’s.

Who’s the quietest?
When you first meet Leah Delaney she comes across quiet but after getting to know her she is a completely different person.


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