Championship 2012

Hard luck to the ladies team who lost he semi- final of the Championship on 22nd September.



2012 Senior Championship Contacts

Championship Fixtures- Moorefield

2012 Senior Championship Fixtures

1st Round Championship

Monday August 13th

Moorefield – 2-9
Suncroft – 2-9

By Louise McGuirk

Suncroft travelled to Moorefield on Monday evening for the first round of the Senior Ladies Championship. Suncroft started briskly with three points in the first ten minutes but Moorefield replied rapidly with two quick goals and points to put them in front. Suncroft closed t

he gap with a goal and two points, only Moorefield kicked on with three points before half time leaving the score at 2-5 to 1-5 in Moorefield’s favour. The second half was a much tighter affair and scores were hard got but Moorefield stretched their lead to six points. Suncroft dug deep playing uphill and managed to keep in touch with three consecutive points. With six minutes to go Suncroft were awarded a penalty which they scored, leaving the sides level. Both teams finished with a point in what was a very entertaining game.

Suncroft scorers :
Ellen Dowling (1-6), Trina Duggan (0-2), Aine Conway (0-1), Chloe Foy(1-0 P)

Moorefield scorers : Ciara Conaty (2-4), Emma Curley (0-1), Eliza Kelly (0-1), Fionnuala Kelly (0-3)


Round 2

Rathangan 2-5 vs. Moorefield 3-18

18th August

Venue: Rathangan at 7.30pm


Round 3

Robert Emmets 1-4 vs. Moorefield 3-18

25th August

Venue: Sallins at 7pm


Round 4

Moorefield 2-13 vs. Athgarvan 0-13

Tuesday 4th September

Venue: Moorefield @7pm

Round 5

Moorefield vs. Na Fianna (Walk Over, points to Moorefield)

Venue Moorefield

Semi Finals: 22nd Sept

Moorefield vs. Athgarvan (Winners)

Final: 6th Oct

Suncroft (Winners) vs. Athgarvan


Kildare Ladies Football 2011 Championship Rules


The following are a summary of rules and guidelines for the Kildare Ladies Football adult championship for 2012. Full rules governing all aspects of ladies football are contained in the 2012 rule book, available from Croke Park. Please ensure that your team management and players receive a copy.


  1. Fixtures are to be played on or before the appointed days as per the official fixture list.
  1. The only valid acceptable reasons for the postponement of matches at short notice are,

A)      Bereavement closely associated with the team.

B)     Weather related – where pitches are unplayable, if opponents pitch is also unavailable.

No other reason will be accepted for changing a game less than a week in advance of the given dates and times.

 A refixed date must be agreed within 7 days with the opposition & coordinator.  Games not played within 7 days of the original fixture will result in zero points to the team who requested the change and 3 points to the team who could fulfil the original fixture date.

Please note no games can be re-fixed or played on county training evenings, or for a non appointed Sunday without prior permission of the Fixtures Secretary. Any such request must be received at least 7 days prior to the re-scheduled game.

All requests for changes to fixtures must be communicated by both teams to the championship coordinator for approval not later than 6 days before the official fixture date. Failure to notify the coordinator may result in zero points being awarded to both teams and referee costs awarded against the home team.

Both teams are jointly responsible for confirming fixtures to each other and the championship coordinator at least 6 days in advance.

All results and match reports must be sent to the championship coordinator on the day of a fixture by both clubs.

The championship coordinator will appoint neutral referees and will inform both teams in advance. Home club to pay the referee (€30) at the end of every match.


  1. The championship coordinator is the first point of contact for all club fixtures. The fixtures committee is responsible to investigate all variances to the fixture schedule and the fixtures committee will have final say on all decisions.


  1. First named teams at home – If the home team’s pitch is not available the venue must be offered to the opposing team at least 24 hours in advance of the original fixture time.


  1. All teams must have a minimum of 11 players to start a game in order for that game to be legal in Ladies football terms. All games to start with equal numbers and be played with equal numbers of players, i.e. 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 aside, but not less than 11 a side. All semi-finals and finals are 15 aside.
  1. Unlimited number of subs can be used in the group stages and semi finals, with only 5 (five) subs allowed for finals.
  1. 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.
  1. If a team withdraws from a competition all remaining teams will receive three points.
  1. The top 4teams in each championship (excluding Intermediate) qualify for semi finals; 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 with teams 1 & 2 having home advantage. The bottom two teams play a relegation play off; losing team to be relegated.  If two teams finish on equal points for one position, the following criteria is used to determine the final positions,
    1. The match results between the two teams, then.
    2. The overall score difference in the games between the teams, then.
    3. The higher scoring team, then.
    4. Play-Off.

NOTE: If a team has received a walkover during their championship campaign they will be given a +5 point score difference, the team giving the walkover will be given a -5 point score difference

  1. All match day players to be recorded on official ladies football team sheets. Books are available from the county secretary and Croke Park.

General Rules

  1. A Number 4 O’Neill’s ball to be used.
  1. All games are 30 minutes per half.
  1. All players and mentors must be registered members of the association at County level, Leinster level and National level before they can participate in any competition organised by Kildare Ladies County Board.
  1. If a team plays an illegal player in a competition e.g. member of another club, unregistered player etc, then the team loses the match, may be expelled from the competition and this may lead to the club being suspended for up to six months.

Playing Rules

  1. A player cannot kick the ball if an opposing player puts her hands down to lift the ball.
  1. While play does not have to be stopped immediately a player is injured, it should be stopped if the injured player is in the way of play, in any danger or if the referee deems the injury to be serious.       After play is stopped due to a player being injured, the team in possession retains that possession by way of a free on the restart which cannot be scored directly from.
  1. No shouldering or elbowing or foot blocking is allowed in ladies football
  1. A Player may pick the ball off the ground when in a standing position only.
  1. Even on the ground a player may play the ball away with her hand and can score doing this.
  1. A player in possession can only be dispossessed while holding the ball away from their body.
  1. The referee’s decision is final in all decisions, please respect it.

General Guidance

  1. Give respect to earn respect to all
  2. Make this enjoyable for all involved.
  3. The fixtures committee will have final say in all disagreements.
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